Importance of scientific research

Even if the daily development tasks are important in the growth of a company, scientific research guarantees its future. Nothing is more destructive than being technologically outdated or missing an important development announced in a scientific conference. We follow very closely the announcements and articles published in the major scientific conferences. We also carry out internal research and development work to test, adapt and develop these developments to our needs and the needs of our customers.

Technological and scientific monitoring

We offer consulting services if you have an idea of a project and want to know the latest news in terms of state of the art. Starting with an analysis of your real needs, we write a document that will contain the latest advances in the fields related to your project and our own recommendation of choices to use.

Internal R&D work

We conduct internal research work related to a subject of gesture recognition on and above a table. This work covers the fields of image processing, Human-Computer Interaction, and Software Engineering. The latest algorithms in artificial intelligence and image processing are applied, which also opens up new possibilities for new HCI techniques.